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Mac Cornish is a 23 year old folk musician currently based in Portland. Born and raised at the foot of the Santa Cruz mountains in the San Francisco Bay Area, she grew up among the redwood trees. Cornish was deeply inspired by her natural surroundings and the sounds of her parent’s favorite 60s and 70s bands.

Her taste has become distinctly her own though, and her eclectic taste is reflected within her own music, pulling influence from folk rock classics like CSNY, the legendary songwriter Townes Van Zandt, and also Tropicalia artist Erasmo Carlos. Her songs take on a cosmic folk sound that is reminiscent of the sounds of Laurel Canyon and are often simple in nature, but full of emotional texture, revealing her influences from classics like Joan Baez and Fleetwood Mac, and more contemporary artists like Kacy & Clayton and Jessica Pratt.

Now currently residing in Portland, OR, Mac and her band can be found playing to their growing fanbase at local bars and venues.

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