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"Growing up in the shadow of the Santa Cruz mountains, Mac spent her days strolling through the redwoods and tracing her footsteps on the grounds of her grandfather's cattle ranch in the North Bay. Such a setting that would provide her with an undying appreciation and respect for all things old in age and of the earth. Mac discovered her love for music digging through her parents' record collection, emerging and adorning herself with not just the tunes, but the entire look and aesthetic of the music Mecca, Laurel Canyon. Drawing inspiration from Joan Baez, Gram Parsons, Jackson Browne and Buffalo Springfield, she began forging her own songs and style from her bouts with love, loss, tragedy and tranquillity. 

These days, Mac resides in the windy, wet, cold, and grey of Portland Oregon, where she can be found on the stages of dives and honky tonks, warming the hearts of locals with tales of old pickup trucks and summer drives forever. Dimly lit with hints of old smoke in the walls, a soft yet commanding voice, stage presence that yields no disregard, a sound that shakes the dust of the lamp shades and drives cracks in the creaky floors. Inspiring crowds to grab hold of their neighbor, dance and twirl and stomp their feet. When she performs, she pins her heart to her collar and shares her wit and charms that transcend the stage and grab hold of the hearts of all who bear witness. A true gem of the west, heart, mind, soul and body."

-Colin Bushart 

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